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 Why exactly is El Jefe Grande great for so many people?

A restoration coordinator. You love the Instrument. We find a perfect restoration for it. It is not always easy to trust someone with a precious and rare instrument. Here comes El Jefe Grande. A restoration coordinator as passionate about pianos, as you are. He will be looking for a perfect match between your needs and a restoration company, that is well into the tricks of restoration trade. El Jefe Grande offers you peace of mind.

A piano finder. As passionate about pianos, as you are, we shall seek the perfect instrument for you. The company founder has been raised in a family deeply in love with pianos for three generations. We have a nose for instruments. We know which KEYS to play, to get you what we want.

Restored Pianos

El Jefe Grande has quite a few instruments that have been restored with the love of details and passion.

Unrestored Pianos

Sometimes we find a rare instrument, that suffered from the passage of time. It is ready to be restored.


Constantly on the search for contacts and instruments, El Jefe Grande visits KEY worldwide destinations… and talks to KEY people in the piano market. Here is how news are created…

What we Do

There are no bad instruments.

No piano is irreversible. We can restore every instrument. Sometimes it is a matter of money, more often a matter of time. But mind you, everything can be repaired ( when it comes to instruments). Every part may be replaced, every board [polished, every key renewed with heart. 

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Let’s (Re) Build Something

Need assistance with a loved instrument that is in need of restoration? I can help. 

Waldemar Wietrzyk 

phone: +48 601-493-233

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